Property Managers

Approximately 75% of trash thrown away by apartment communities is recyclable materials that can be diverted from landfills, yet on average less than 30% is actually recycled. Diverting recyclable materials from landfills has a positive impact in many areas such as energy production and usage, as well as rainforest depletion.

Integrity Waste will work with site management at the property level to further educate residents in separation of recyclable materials from landfill waste. By increasing the amount of recycled materials, the amount of waste sent to landfills will decrease to a minimum.

How it Works

  • Each apartment will be provided with blue ties to identify recyclable materials.
  • Residents will place all recyclable materials in a trash or paper bag and tie it closed with the provided blue ties.
  • Residents will place the bag outside their door during the designated time.
  • IW representatives will walk the entire apartment community collecting the bags from each doorstep.
  • IW representatives will deliver all recyclables to the appropriate bins on the property.
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Testimonials from Property Managers

James Ackbarali

Community Manager - Eaves San Rafael by Avalon Communities
I strongly recommend Integrity Waste based on my experience working with them. They have shown the ability to overcome obstacles and do what it takes to make things work, even in difficult circumstances with several challenges.