Trash Management

Property Managers

Nearly all apartment communities spend recoverable time cleaning and maintaining trash areas. One to two man-hours per day can add up to a substantial amount of lost time that could otherwise be spent completing repair orders or make-ready efforts.

Integrity Waste can free up valuable maintenance time by taking over the regular management duties of the trash areas.

How it Works:

  • Residents will place all non-recyclable or non-compostable waste in their regular trash bags.
  • Residents will place the bag outside of their door during the designated time.
  • IW representatives will walk the entire apartment community collecting the bags from each doorstep during the allocated time.
  • IW representatives will deliver all landfill waste to the appropriate bins on the property.
  • IW will ensure all trash areas are clean and free of extra waste, during the evening collection and also the following morning.
  • On waste collection days, an IW representative will pull the bins for the local hauler to empty and once complete the IW representative will place the bins back into the respective trash areas.
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Testimonials from Property Managers

Michael Kennedy

General Manager (Stoneridge Apartments - Lyon Communities)
Ron Falcon and his team at Integrity Waste were integral in working with the management at Stoneridge Apartments in creating an effective rollout program that included collateral and communications, as well as a series of hosted events to educate residents and field questions.