According to the EPA, 24% of trash thrown away by apartment communities is organic waste that can be diverted from the landfills. Diverting this waste from landfills is crucial as landfills are filling up at an unsustainable speed. It is estimated that within the next 50 years the majority of our landfills will have reached maximum capacity.

In addition, sending organic waste to the landfill has a detrimental environmental impact. In landfills, organic material undergoes anaerobic decomposition and produces significant quantities of methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is up to 21 times worse for the environment than carbon dioxide.

Rather than unnecessarily filling landfills and causing this negative environmental impact, Integrity Waste will ensure that organic waste is taken offsite to a nearby composting facility. When at the appropriate facility, this compostable waste will break down into rich soil, full of vitamins and other nutrients. This enriched soil can then be used to grow food without the need of chemical based fertilizers. By composting, we can divert over 12 million tons annually from California’s landfills alone.

What can be composted:

  • Raw or cooked fruit and vegetable peelings.
  • Pasta, rice and bread.
  • Dried and crushed egg shells.
  • Teabags and coffee grounds.
  • Napkins and paper towels.
  • Newspapers and any non-glossy paper.

How it Works

  • You will be provided with a countertop compost pail.
  • Place a compostable bag in the pail and fill it with compostable waste.
  • Once full, tie the bag shut, close and lock the pail and then place it outside of your door during the designated time.
  • IW representatives will walk the entire apartment community collecting the bags from each pail.
  • IW representatives will deliver this waste to a nearby composting facility.


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Testimonials from Residents


Resident at Stoneridge Apartments in Pleasanton
I absolutely love your guys’ service! Keep up the good work and thank you for what you’ve been doing